It's pretty much a given that Apple will be revealing a new iPhone this fall. By many indications, there could even be up to three different variants, not even counting the different colors and capacities we'll be offered. The exact details are still sketchy, especially about the placement of the iPhone 8 Touch ID fingerprint reader. Is it going on the back? Is it embedded in the screen?

According to the latest leaks, by way of Weibo, the iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor is going in neither of those places. Embedding a fingerprint reader in the screen is still very novel technology and it looks like it could be an arms race between Samsung and Apple to see who does it first.

Samsung's workaround for this challenge, at least for the current Galaxy S8 and S8+ and possibly for the upcoming Note 8 too, is to put the fingerprint reader on the back, next to the camera. That hasn't exactly been the best possible solution. Apple could be taking a different direction, putting Touch ID on the side of the iPhone 8 instead. What?

Apparently, in an effort to achieve a higher screen-to-body ratio like the Galaxy S8, Apple is removing the large home button from the front chin of the iPhone and putting it on the side as an elongated home button. This is similar to many Android phones, for instance, except the Touch ID scanner will be embedded in there too.

The rest of the Weibo leak indicates 64Gb and 256GB capacities for the iPhone 8, as well as a variety of colors. And then there's wireless charging on the iPhone with the arrival of iOS 11.1 too. But that'll have to wait.

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