File this idea under “why didn’t I think of that?” No, not really. Sh*tter is a new website that, for a fee of $35, will take your Twitter feed and turn it into four rolls of toilet paper. The idea came from a four-person group called Collector’s Edition. The tagline for the site is “Social media has never been so disposable,” which I have to admit is pretty clever.

Aside from the novelty of the idea, I just don’t think the gag is that funny. And $35 would buy you a lot of tweet-free toilet paper. Making fun of Twitter just isn’t funny anymore, unless you’re being really clever about it. Yes, we all waste time on the social networking site and yes, most tweets are trivial nonsense. But would you really take $35 worth of pleasure from flushing them down the toilet? I think not.

via Slash Gear

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