While Michael Kwan brought you news of Amazon’s plethora of new Echo devices, I’m over here bringing you the important Alexa news. Amazon’s digital assistant will soon be compatible with Big Mouth Billy Bass. Better yet, Amazon is releasing an updated Billy later this year, presumably in time for the holiday shopping season.

What will Big Mouth Billy Bass do when connected to Alexa? The same thing he’s always done: sing and dance the night away. He’ll be able to lip sync and dance to the music you play through your device.

Of course, this still isn’t quite as cool as what Brian Kane did to his Big Mouth Billy Bass last year. Through a hacked Alexa, he was able to transmit Alexa’s voice straight through the fish. So instead of talking to a smart speaker sitting on the table, his personal assistant was a talking fish mounted to the wall. No, it’s not Jarvis from Iron Man.

Jarvis wishes he was a talking fish.

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