With all the technology available to us, many folks still prefer to use a whiteboard. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s a quick way to jot down ideas and rough sketches, as well as a lovely way to brainstorm with others. But many of us work from home, or are in offices spread across a large geographical area, and using a whiteboard is only helpful for those in the room. Enter Kaptivo!

With Kaptivo, you can almost instantly transform your regular “dumb” whiteboard into a smart whiteboard, capable of streaming content live, sharing the information in the form of a PDF, and even capable of rewinding to retrieve information after it’s been erased. Starting at just $99.00 US and recently launched on Kickstarter, this could be the cost-effective answer to an increasingly common problem.

Watch the video and read the press release below for more information.

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For immediate release: 30 March 2016

Log into your whiteboard?!? Introducing Kaptivo the accessory that instantly makes any whiteboard smart

Kaptivo is a brand new accessory launching today on Kickstarter. Priced from just $99, it instantly transforms any dry erase whiteboard into an online collaboration platform – connected, live and shareable.

There are over 50 million regular dry-erase whiteboards in the world. They’re part of the fabric of our offices, schools and homes. But we live and work in an ever more digital and connected world – and the humble whiteboard is fast being left behind.

Kaptivo makes any dumb whiteboard instantly smarter and shareable so people beyond the rooms four walls can connect and collaborate. With Kaptivo, you can stream content live, rewind the whiteboard to any point in the meeting to see how your ideas developed or share whiteboard content as a pdf.

Kaptivo brings the humble whiteboard into the digital age, making it easy to connect with others and share ideas whether thats by:

  • sharing a whiteboard with colleagues or customers in real-time during a video conference call
  • enabling remote workers and creatives to easily share the whiteboard in their home office
  • allowing parents to securely log into their childs classroom whiteboard so they can see whats being taught in real-time

Kaptivo works with any size of whiteboard and it doesnt require any special pens or changes to the way you work. Simply work with your whiteboard as normal – any pen, any color, any number of people writing on the board at the same time. As you work, everything you write is automatically captured by Kaptivos integrated camera.

Kaptivos patent-pending image processing technology removes all distortions, reflections, shadows and even hands in front of the board. Whats left is a perfectly crisp real-time image of the writing on the board, streamed live and accessible securely through any web browser or via Kaptivos native apps for iOS and Android devices.

Installing Kaptivo is as easy as hanging a picture frame and takes just three minutes. Each Kaptivo is accessible securely with a password via any modern browser theres no need to download any software to your computer. For users who prefer to use native apps, Kaptivo will offer iOS and Android apps for secure whiteboard management, access and sharing.

Interactive smartboards retail for upwards of $1,500 and require the repeated purchase of expensive interactive pens. At prices starting from just $99, Kaptivo delivers a superior collaboration experience than interactive boards at less than one-tenth of the cost of a typical interactive smartboard, making improved collaboration something every organization can afford.

Kaptivo is available for pre-order via the worlds most successful crowd-funding site – Kickstarter. Kaptivos funding target is $75,000. The money will take Kaptivo to mass manufacture with units shipping from July 2016, making our offices, schools and homes more collaborative places to be.

Kaptivo is a brand new accessory that instantly transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration platform. Kaptivo is available for pre-order via Kickstarter at prices starting from just $99. Kaptivos fundraising target is $75,000 and closes on 30th April 2016. More details can be found on Kaptivos Kickstarter page. Kaptivo was developed by Light Blue Optics (LBO) developers of advanced user-interface technology. In September 2015, LBOs proprietary interactive touch and pen technology was acquired by Promethean the global education technology company. LBO is now focusing on the development of a new range of collaboration products, of which Kaptivo is the first release.


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