For those of you that just can’t get enough of 3D and would jump at a (virtual) 750″ display solution, here’s your chance. Sony’s mad scientists have been hard at work since this year’s CES when a prototype 3D head mounted display was debuted. The prototype at the CES show had a very distinct TRON-like vibe. Note to Sony: No more Disney films for your lab rats while on the clock!

The result is the horribly named HMZ-T1. Bad naming conventions aside, the head mounted display features two 1280 x 720 0.7″ OLED displays capable of 720p output. The width of the displays may be adjusted so anyone can get the desired 3D effect (unless you happen to be Cyclops). The built-in headphones will also provide virtual 5.1 surround sound. With the HMZ-T1 firmly attached to your head, you get the sensation of virtual 750″ 3D display floating 20m in front of your eyes.

Setup for the unit is so simple even your grandma can do it. The HMZ-T1 3D processor has HDMI input and output ports. Connect an HDMI source to the input and then connect the output to your TV’s HDMI connector. The only other thing you need to provide is an electrical outlet for power to the unit. The 3D head mount display remains firmly tethered to the 3D processor. In this sort of setup, you can take off the display and still watch video normally on your primary bigscreen TV.

If your spare change is burning a hole in your pocket, the estimated cost for the HMZ-T1 is US$783 and is set for release in Japan on November 11. No firm release date has yet been announced for other parts of the world, but you can probably expect it to show up worldwide within a few months of its Japan launch.

Source: Engadget

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