Let me guess…you spend at least 30 minutes per day wiping your sleeve or shirttail over the screen of your devices in an effort to remove fingerprints, right? I’m also going to guess that sometimes your hands weren’t necessarily so clean when you used them, so you’ve probably resorted to licking your finger or getting a napkin damp to remove some of the more stubborn marks. Now, aside from the fact that spitting on your smartphone isn’t your best idea ever, how sanitary can any of that be? Do you always wash your hands before you eat if you’ve just done something on your phone? I didn’t think so. Me neither.

Qmadix’s new Dry Foam Cleaning Kit keeps your gadgets looking good, and it also keeps them relatively germ-free, thanks to DuraBan technology. It doesn’t just kill the germs that are there when you use it, it actually keeps your device 99% germ-free while you play because it makes the surface of your device anti-microbial. You can even wash the cloths up to 50 times without affecting their anti-microbial properties. How cool is that?

The Duraban cloths leave no streaks or residue behind, are anti-static and dust-resistant, contain no CFCs, and carry a clean, fresh scent. They can be used on just about any device you might own, from an old-school CRT to an iPad. You can also use them on other household electronics such as your mouse or game controller. Thinking slightly outside the box, I’m picturing wiping down the buttons on my microwave and possibly even the handles on my bathroom door. They can even be used on sunglasses without worrying about scratching them!

All you need to do is spray the included dry foam either directly on your device, or, if you’re like me and that makes your stomach clench, on one of the cloths. Then wipe it down and you’re all set with a clean and germ-resistant device. The kit will run you under $10.00 US and will be available soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Source: YourTechReport

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