These aren’t just for kids, but that was the first thought to enter my mind. If you spend any amount of time walking by yourself whether at night or other times of day, you’ve probably run across someone who makes you extremely uncomfortable if you haven’t actually had a confrontation with someone. It happens to me at least once a week with the parts of town and hours I work. While this may not stop every attack, it should at least give an attacker pause enough to give you a chance to get somewhere safer with better lighting. Which just might be enough.

How this works is very simple. The Plain Safety Personal 120db Alarm is a siren which is activated merely by pulling out a metal pin. It even has a keyring attached, so you can put it with your existing keys as a fob. Of course, you’ll probably want to see exactly how hard it is to pull the key out depending on where you carry your keys. As the name implies, the siren is 120db, which should be plenty loud enough to both frighten your attacker and draw the attention of anyone within about a two-block radius. To turn the alarm off, simply push the metal pin back into the ball.

Each one measures about 4cm in diameter, weighs almost nothing, and comes in yellow, orange or red. At just $10.00 US each, you can afford to get one for everyone you know.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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