Good news! And it’s got nothing to do with a Dacia Sandero. Ever since Google announced Project Fi last spring, it’s been on an invitation-only basis. Sure, they decided to ditch the invites for just one day last October, but you’ve otherwise had to wait until someone said you could join the Google MVNO party. That has now officially changed and they’re celebrating by deeply discounting the totally awesome Nexus 5X too.

On the Android Official Blog, Google has now indicated that you no longer need to get an invite in order to use Project Fi. As a quick refresher, Project Fi is Google’s entry into the wireless carrier market, leveraging the networks of both T-Mobile and Sprint, while simultaneously encouraging consumers to use Wi-Fi as much as possible. The base plan is $20 for talk and text, adding $10 for each gigabyte of data you need. You even get refunded back the data you don’t use each month.

That’s the first bit of awesome news for anyone who has been itching to let Google be their wireless carrier. The second bit is that they are discounting the LG-made Nexus 5X by $150 if you decide to sign up for the Project Fi service. You’ll need to buy the Android smartphone through the official landing page and sign up for service using the same Google account within 30 days of the device shipping.

Alternatively, you can pick up your Nexus 5X through the regular Google Store and then activate your Fi service within 30 days (as long as it’s the same Google account) and you’ll receive an automatic refund of the difference.

The invite-free offer is valid from here on out, but the discount on the Nexus 5X will expire on April 7 or “while supplies last.” You are limited to one discounted phone per customer and that customer must be a US resident aged 18 or older.

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