For the life of me, I still can’t understand people who are using their iPads as their main digital cameras, but many of us do take pictures with our tablets. And while the Google Nexus 7 is widely touted as one of the best Android tablets available today, its camera leaves something to be desired.

It lacks a rear camera, so you’re stuck with the 1.3MP shooter on the front. You’re also stuck with only the ability to shoot VGA video at 640×480… or are you? Apparently, there is a very simple hack that can mod your Nexus 7, effectively giving you the ability to use that little camera to record HD 720p video. Yes, because it’s front-facing, you probably won’t be able to see what you’re shooting, but at least it works.

Check out the two sample videos below to compare pretty much the same shot at 640×480 and at 1280×720. More information about how to do this hack can be found in the XDA-Dev thread started by “hillbeast.”


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