Computex 2013 is in full swing in Taipei, Taiwan, and GIGABYTE Technology had an assortment of mobile products to show off – gaming laptops, business laptops, touchscreen laptops, tablets, and a hybrid tablet/laptop.

The Ultrablade Gaming Laptops pack a punch in a slim design. The 15.6-inch P35K is powered by a 4th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor and GTX 765M gaming graphics. The 14-inch P34G boasts a GTX 760M gaming graphics card.

Then there are the P25W and P27K gaming notebooks, which still feature compact designs, but the emphasis is more on power than the discreet size.

The Invincible U35F, Perfect Fusion U24F, and Ultrabook U24T are all designed with the businessperson in mind. Powerful enough for gaming, but with plenty of storage space to back up your work.

The U21M Convertible Laptop features a swivel touchscreen that allows it to transform from a laptop to a tablet and back again.

For a full list of the products GIGABYTE is showing off at Computex as well as all of the details, be sure to check out the press release below.

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The GTX Dream from GIGABYTE – Reveals Series of Gaming Laptops and Discrete Graphics Capabilities at Computex 2013
Gamers Paradise – Ultrablade Gaming Laptops
Business – Ultrabook™, Convertible Laptop, and The Padbook™

Taipei, Taiwan (4 June, 2013) – GIGABYTE Technology, a longtime leader in computer technology and innovation, showcased their range of products with Intel’s new Haswell platform and NVIDIA® GeForce® series at Computex 2013 today. The products range from Gaming Laptops called ‘Ultrablades’ with GTX graphics cards, to business laptops with discrete graphics card that are ultra thin-and-light, windows 8 tablets for productivity on-the-go, and touchscreen laptops including an Ultrabook™ and a convertible laptop that works both as a tablet and a laptop. Designed for powerful performance, ease of use and unlimited functionality, the laptops are one of the most powerful machines available in such a slim form factor.

Ultrablade Gaming Laptops P35K/ P34G – Slim yet Extremely Powerful
P35K – The 15.6-inch P35K Ultrablade with the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor is designed for true mobility. Just 21mm thin and weighing ~2.2kgs, packed with a powerful GTX 765M gaming graphics this machine is geared for gamers and 3D designers alike. Having unlimited storage capacity with a quad-storage system that supports up to 3TB of space to store all your files and stuff, the storage provides ample Terabytes! Enjoy DVDs on your Ultrablade with the swappable DVD-ROM/HDD Slot on a 1080p FHD IPS display providing the perfect viewing pleasure for users. The P35K from GIGABYTE is its most stunning gaming laptop ever.
P34G – Gorgeous on the outside and inside, the 14-inch P34G Ultrablade with a GTX 760M gaming graphics weighs ~1.7 kgs and at 21mm thin is designed for users looking for extreme mobility yet packing a powerful punch. Thin and powerful it supports up to a 256GB mSATA SSD and a large 1TB HDD in its incredibly slim and lightweight chassis. Enjoy 1080p Full HD display that makes for excellent viewing pleasure, coupled with flagship gaming specifications; the P34G is perfect for gamers, university students, designers and businesspeople yearning for entertainment and mobility. The P34G Ultrablade marks GIGABYTE’s first foray into the 14-inch gaming laptop.

Gaming Notebooks P25W/ P27K GTX: Maximum Power Reloaded
P25W – Re-engineered with features beyond comprehension the P25W is a reloaded version of its predecessor – the P2542G. Buoyed by success, the chrome yellow with silver trim chassis makes a comeback and this time it’s more powerful than ever. Packing a GTX 770M GDDR5 3GB discrete graphics for gaming and a backlit keyboard to boot, the P25W expands its storage capabilities to install two 256GB mSATA SSDs and 1TB HDD. Additionally, it also comes with a Blu-ray RW perfect for watching the latest movies and experiencing the richness of audio on its 4.1 speaker system.
P27K – The P27K, carries on where its predecessor left off. Delivering better graphics with a GTX 765M DDR5 2GB graphics card, backlit keyboard and upgradeable memory space up to 24GB! With ample storage – 256GB mSATA SSD plus additional 2TB, and Sound Blaster™ sound quality optimization technology to boot, the P27K comes in two colors – automotive orange or moonless black. Both, P25W and P27K have full HD 1080p display and a bevy of ports for connectivity.

Exceed the limitations – Invincible U35F/ Perfect Fusion U24F/ Ultrabook™ U24T
U35F – The all new U35F with the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core™ is geared towards businesspeople looking for elegance and power in their machines to do some graphics work or shoot down zombies. In pursuit of ultimate excellence and perfection, the Gigabyte R&D Team designed the invincible U35F with a dedicated GT 750M GPU DDR3 4GB, and a quad-storage system that supports two 512GB mSATA SSDs and two 1TB HDDs. That’s 3 Terabytes of just storage space designed for saving all your stuff right on your laptop. Kick back, relax and enjoy movies through the swappable DVD-ROM / HDD slot on an exceptional 1080p Full HD display, with Sound Blaster™ sound quality optimization technology and high quality multimedia with HDMI digitalized interface delivering incredible audio visual.

U24F – The U24F is exceptionally designed with an elegant shuttle streamline design that is just 1.69kg and a sleek form factor tapered body from 18.5-21mm. With the GT 750M discrete graphics designed to deliver the perfect fusion of design and performance, the U24F is able to hold a 256GB mSATA SSD and a large 1TB HDD into its super slim body.

U24T – Setting a new example of how powerful an Ultrabook™ can be the invincible U24T (Touch) delivers a performance rivaled by none in its class. Unlike most Ultrabooks, the U24T with an intuitive multi-touch screen packs a dedicated GT 750M GPU running games such as Crysis 3, a high-speed 256GB mSATA SSD and a large 1TB 2.5″ HDD into its 20.5mm slim and lightweight body. Designed for power users, this Ultrabook™ stands out with its bevy of I/O ports, such as Ethernet, VGA, and numerous USB ports thereby reaffirming its position as a differentiation from most Ultrabooks currently in the market.

Convertible Laptop – U21M
U21M – At 20mm thin, weighing just 1.49kgs and a 180° swivel 11.6-inch touchscreen, fitting a high-speed 256GB mSATA SSD and a large 1TB 2.5” HDD into its super slim body, the U21M is calibrated to perform better. Multiple I/O ports on the U21M provide unlimited connectivity options for the power user. The convertible Laptop U21M is an excellent choice for users looking for both the power of a laptop with the touch capability of a tablet.

Detachable Tablet Padbook™ S1185 and Powerful Slate S10A
S1185 –The 11.6-inch Padbook™ is a detachable tablet with Windows 8 ideal for work and play. Packed with Intel® Core™ processor, Full HD IPS display for your viewing pleasure the Padbook™ delivers ultimate performance and pleasant user experience with the capacitive multi-touch screen. The kickstand feature makes for a complete hands-off experience when viewing movies or reading. With fixed standard VGA & HDMI ports, magnetically attached keyboard kit, multi-directional mouse pointer joystick and mouse buttons, the Padbook™ is perfected to bring you the best of Windows 8 with the convenience and ultimate productivity for business or pleasure.

S10A – The first for a GIGABYTE tablet, powered by the latest AMD Temash A4-1200, the S10A is an exceptional mobile device to enhance and increase mobile productivity. With its full PC features, including Windows 8, a large storage HDD (up to 500GB), and multiple connectivity ports including USB 3.0, the S10A is a powerful tool with 14 hours of productivity for work and play. The S10A also comes with free Office Home 2013 version making this the perfect choice for you to take care of your business even on your travels. With its excellent design and useful accessories, the S10A has exceptional versatility and substitutes as a light notebook with the keyboard kit and even an entertainment center with the D1080 multimedia docking station.

Stylish Laptop for Work and Play – Q2546N/ Q2556N
Q2546N/Q2556N – Featuring angular diamond lines in quality matte black textured finish, creating an all new unique design element. The Q series is an affordable device to the wide family of GIGABYTE products designed to satisfy all needs for work and play. Including a ravishing GT 740M GPU, with massive dual-storage system and Sound Blaster™ Cinema sound quality optimization technology provides faster computing performance that is brilliant for multitasking.
The Q2556N provides swappable ODD/HDD Slot and also comes equipped with the latest 4th generation Intel Processor. The Q2546N is equipped with the 3rd generation Intel Processor.


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