The motherboard industry has slowly, but surely been phasing out very old ways of working with your PC. Recently I have see a trend of legacy ports not being included on newer boards and the UEFI GUI based BIOS replaced the traditional style BIOS. While ASRock and ASUS were quick to jump on the UEFI bandwagon, GIGABYTE was still insistent on using their outdated BIOS setup. Well GIGABYTE has finally moved to UEFI and in a big way.

The reason it took GIGABYTE so long to start using the UEFI BIOS was not because of early adoption fears. Instead, it seems they were working to created the most interesting looking version of it on the market with there “3D BIOS.” This new BIOS will begin to appear on the market with the upcoming GIGABYTE X79 motherboards designed for Sandy Bridge E processors, but should make its way to most of their motherboards in future series.

The new 3D UEFI BIOS is remarkably simply to understand. You are shown a picture of your particular motherboard and you click on the component you which to modify on the board from the back panel to the SATA port options. The best way to understand to simply watch it in action.



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