It seems that Alzheimer’s is on the rise, much to the dismay and hardship of family members. If you’re lucky enough to have avoided having a relative develop it, consider yourself very fortunate indeed. For those of you who have a relative or close friend with it, you know how scary it is on the occasions (hopefully rare) when they get lost. No matter how well you watch them, they can wander off. And then panic sets in. Now there’s an easy solution that not only allows you to keep tabs on their whereabouts, but also saves some of their pride.

The GTX GPS Shoes look just like a regular pair of shoes. But they have an added feature that will prove invaluable for seniors and their caregivers: GPS location. Unlike a bracelet or other tracking device, the locator is hidden inside the shoe, so there’s no risk of them removing it. And since it is hidden, you don’t even have to tell them it’s there… just give them a new pair of shoes to wear and everybody’s happy.

You can monitor the location of the shoes using one of two apps (Breadcrumbs and Geo-Fencing) either with a smartphone or via the Internet. The shoes themselves will come in a wide variety of styles for both men and women, so there should be something for everyone. They’re not quite available yet, but you can sign up on GTX’s website to be sent an email when they are. Cost should be around $300.00 US.

Source: The Gadgeteer

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