Everyone is familiar with the saying “the best thing since sliced bread.” Mark my words: soon that saying is going to be “the best thing since Google Maps added gas prices.

The feature has been available for Android since October, but now iOS users in both Canada and the United States can see gas prices when using Google Maps. Gas stations listed on the map that you’re currently looking at will display prices for regular unleaded only, but I can’t imagine that’s going to pose a problem for very many people.

In addition to gas prices, Google Maps now also displays the busiest times for local business, which can be helpful in avoiding those crowds.

Remember when map programs were strictly for helping you navigate from one place to the next? It’s pretty amazing to see how far Google Maps has come in such a short time. Now you can plan your route, know how much you’ll pay for gas, and get an idea of how many people are going to be at your destination when you arrive. Pretty cool.

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