It looks like the Lumia line isn't going to be the only smartphone option coming out of Redmond, Washington. Rumors of a possible Microsoft Surface Phone have been around since at least late 2012 and the latest rumblings indicate that it is being developed by a team led by Panos Panay, Microsoft's corporate vice-president. But those are just rumors. Now, we've got a little more concrete proof.

Well, it might be more appropriate to say "proof" with emphasis on the quotation marks. It has been discovered that Microsoft now owns the domain If you try pointing your web browser there, you'll just get redirected to Microsoft's main page for its Surface line of convertible tablets.. If nothing else, this "proves" that Microsoft is very aware of the Surface Phone possibilities and they want to secure its place on the Internet. And I imagine will be really handy when and if the Windows 10-powered smartphone actually does ship.

To be fair, Microsoft has also gone around buying up other "useful" domains too. It has, which is in line with the recently announced Surface Book, as well as, which hasn't materialized into an actual product yet. Like, both of those domains also get forwarded to the main Surface site.

Is the Microsoft Surface Phone going to make its official debut later this year? It's sure looking more and more likely with each passing day.

Via The Verge

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