Did you know that Facebook gave you an “other” inbox in addition to the normal inbox that collects messages from your friends? I only ask because for the longest time I didn’t know about it, only because you only see it if you go to your actual messages page, when I normal view my messages through the chat interface. Oh, and even then it’s only visible on a browser, not through the app.

If you didn’t know about it, don’t bother, because they’re nixing it anyway.

The “other” inbox contains messages sent from users who aren’t on your Friends list. It’s a way to keep spam, harrassment, and other unwanted messages from strangers from cluttering up your actual inbox. Now those messages will go to your normal inbox, but Facebook will notify you if you’re contacted by someone who isn’t a Friend.

Facebook’s decision is being met with mixed reactions. Some think that the additional inbox helped keep the social network free of harrassment. Others, namely those who run Facebook groups, claim that the second inbox made it hard to contact group members who weren’t also friends with the administrator, because the messages would get re-routed to a place few knew even existed.

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