I need one of these, posthaste. In my actual life, I am nothing like interested in learning how to operate a forklift, even though the opportunity has presented itself more times than I can count. I just don’t like them. But this, now… this is something I can get into. Sure, it’s probably supposed to be for kids, but I can easily see myself moving things from one location on my desk to another with it, purely because I can and it would amuse me.

In addition to the forklift and remote, you get five pallets, four barrels, two crates with hinges, one cargo box, another one wrapped up in white plastic, and a three-layered shelf. Obviously you can also move things other than what comes with it, such as boxes of paper clips, pens, message pads…whatever strikes your fancy.

The handheld remote features a steering wheel and a trigger for moving the forks left to right, as well as a rocker switch for raising and lowering the forks. It will lift objects up to 13.5 inches in the air (the forklift itself stands about 11 inches) with a weight limit of 11 ounces. It’s built on a 1:14 scale to a regular forklift, if that gives you a better idea. It will require three AA batteries for the lift and one 9v battery for the remote (not included), and is recommended for ages five and up.

You can pick one up for the really pretty reasonable price of $39.95 US, and they are available now. Better hurry, though… I not only will be ordering one for me, but for several friends as well.

Source: Geek Alerts

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