You can use these digital voice assistants for all sorts of useful purposes. You can ask Alexa to call you an Uber or you can ask Siri about the weather in Nantucket. But it seems like all these companies want to give their technology a little more personality and the newest Google Assistant tricks are no exception. Just in time for Halloween, Google Assistant "can help you get in the spooky spirit."

Described on the official Google blog, a number of fun questions you can ask your Google Assistant will help you prepare for Halloween. The ones that Kara Stockton from the Google Assistant Team lists include:
  • "Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?"
  • "Ok Google, get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch."
  • "Ok Google, how do I get rid of monsters?"
  • "Ok Google, add Halloween candy to my shopping list"
  • "Ok Google, scare me."
  • "Ok Google, let's get spooky."

With that last one, Google Assistant helps to set "the Halloween vibe, with spooky music and flickering smart lights." I guess it'd help if you have some of your smart light action connected to your Google for that to work properly.

When I tried the question about getting a suggestion for a Halloween costume, Google Assistant ran me through a set of five yes/no questions like "Do you change your toothbrush every few months?" Your mileage may vary. You can ask for scary stories too.

Have you discovered any other Halloween-themed Easter eggs?

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