Are you a big fan of taking selfies, but you’re tired of having to do the whole outstretched arm pose for all your pictures on Instagram? Maybe you’ve “invested” in one of those selfie sticks, but it’s just such a hassle having to carry the thing around? Looks like you’re not alone and EmoFix wants to, um, fix your emo?

Before you break out the eyeliner, you’ll probably want to know that EmoFix doesn’t seem to have anything to do with emo… unless you count taking way too many selfies as an emo kind of things to do. In essence, it’s a little Bluetooth dongle that acts as a remote shutter for your smartphone or tablet. It’s the same kind of idea as the Apotop i-Selfie, except it’s arguably a little more stylish.

The developers also claim that the EmoFix features really durable hardware and a battery life of over two years. It’s water resistant too, even if your phone isn’t. And like the Apotop version, the EmoFix doesn’t need a dedicated app either. I’m not terribly convinced, since you still need to prop up your smartphone somewhere (they do have accessories for that), but there’s got to be a market. Check the Indiegogo campaign page for more information. A standard backing of $29 will land you one of these gizmos, along with a phone stick and a wall stick, when they ship in August.


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