I highly doubt I’m alone in this, but I collect free things to the point of obsession. They are things I don’t need and will never use and yet I will push small children aside to get to them. This goes for practically anything that’s lacking a price tag.

Electronic Art’s Origin service has been anything but popular since its launch, especially in the face of Valve’s Steam platform. If you’re willing to brave the waters, though, you can pick up the wonderful sci-fi survival horror title Dead Space for free, assuming you get it before May 8th. It’s part of EA’s new “On the House” initiative in which the company gives away certain titles at certain times through the EA Origin service. The initiative actually started months ago, but EA seems to be really pushing it now that the Dead Space offer is nearing its expiration date. Once May 8th rolls around, a new freebie will be on offer.

There doesn’t seem to be a catch, but then again, we are talking about a six-year-old game that’s a precursor to two sequels. EA likely isn’t going to lose any money here and the move could result in fans picking up Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.

It’s a good business move and one that gamers are sure to like, assuming they’re willing to download Origin. I’ve personally never had a problem with the client, though to be fair, I first downloaded it quite a while after launch, so any kinks were likely ironed out.

via Lifehacker

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