The TAB360 tablet stand from Diamond Multimedia is so simple in its design that it’ll make your head spin – much like the tablet stand itself. The stand pivots 360 degrees and functions both as a means of displaying your tablet and also a controller for games that use the tablet’s gyroscopic capabilities.

The stand fits any tablets ranging from 7″ to 10.1″, so the most popular devices are covered. The 360-wheel design is ideal for not only racing simulators but flight simulators as well. In addition to the TAB360, there’s also the TAB360BT, a version of the wheel that houses built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The TAB360 is available now at several popular online retailers–like Amazon, Tiger Direct and Newegg–in your choice of black or white. The standard model retails for $59.99 while the TAB360BT will cost $79.99. The company was nice enough to provide us with a wheel to review, so expect that to grace MEGATechNews in the very near future.

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LOS ANGELES — November 15, 2012 — Diamond Multimedia, a manufacturer of the bestselling GC1000 game capture device for PC and other popular multimedia products, announced today the TAB360, a universal multimedia stand for iPad, iPad mini, Android and Windows 8 tablets. Fitting tablets of varying sizes from 7″ to 10.1″, the TAB360 is a triple threat, providing a versatile, 360-degree rotating stand for tablets, useful for daily home activities, work and gaming. The tablet line features the TAB360 in three versions: a sleek black (TAB360B), white (TAB360W) and a black version with Bluetooth operated speakers (TAB360BT).

With the exponential growth and expansion of the tablet market, we saw the need for a versatile tablet holder that combines everyday solutions with advanced gaming functionality for tablet fans as well as racing app fans, stated Bruce Zaman, CEO of Diamond Multimedia. We believe the TAB360 is the perfect all-in-one solution with its high quality protective design, and multimedia options for everyday use in the office, gaming and hands-free display purposes.

Featuring a Gyro 360-degree wheel design, the TAB360 consists of a wheel and a three-dimensional ball joint driving rod and base. Its functional design allows users an all-in-one solution that provides the convenience of an everyday tablet holder with the flexibility necessary for advanced gaming. The innovative wheel design is perfect for flight simulation and driving games including Real Racing 2 HD, Reckless Racing 2 and Sky Gamblers, to name a few.
Included in the TAB360 line is the TAB360BT, a version with built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers available in black. The TAB360BT allows users to connect to the TAB360 speakers wirelessly, amplifying the tablet audio accordingly. The LED indicator located at the base of the TAB360 displays a blue colored flash while the Bluetooth is in process of connecting, green flash when the holder is running low and a volume increase and decrease button. The TAB360BT provides a fully functional tablet holder with an optional Bluetooth speaker set to complete the gaming experience.

How It Works
TAB360 allows for the adjusting of its double-sided clamps with the push of a button behind the wheel stand. Clamps can be adjusted to fit 7 to 10.1 tablets. The TAB360s universal fit accommodates a wide range of devices, including the iPad, iPad mini and Kindle Fire.

View a video of the TAB360 in action.

View a video of the TAB360 introduction

To engage the 360-degree rotating platform, the user can place their hands on the wheel while turning the stand in the direction they would like the tablet to tilt. Using the knob behind the clamp, users can adjust the thickness of the clamp to fit thinner or thicker tablets accordingly. TAB360 also makes it simple to mount and remove tablets. Double-sided clasps secure tablets and are easily adjustable to varied widths, securing tablets of all widths and thicknesses from slipping out or scratching if tipped over.

Pricing & Availability
The TAB360 retails 59.99 USD for the standard version (TAB360B / TAB360W) and 79.99 USD for the Bluetooth version (TAB360BT). Where to buy:, Frys Electronics,, and

All Diamond products include a one-year limited warranty, a Diamond guarantee of quality manufacturing experience and a recently upgraded, US-based, customer support system.


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