Cleaning house isn’t really something most people enjoy, but it is a necessary evil. Most of us have little tricks to make it easier to do, and the luckier ones among us can afford a robotic vacuum so we don’t have to actually make the effort at all. But still… housework is boring.

Not if you have a Star Wars Robotic Vacuum! Choose between Darth Vader and Stormtrooper style, and let the Dark Side clean up after you.

These are a limited edition from Samsung, and just became available for pre-order a few days ago. If all they did was clean your messes, they’d be worth it. But they also play Star Wars music, phrases, and other sounds! For example, when the Darth Vader model exits the charger, it announces, “There will be no one to stop us now.” And when it returns, it plays the Imperial March.

Meanwhile, as it roams your home, it randomly breathes heavily just like the real Darth Vader.

Each model can be controlled with a smartphone app, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. They each also feature Samsung’s “Visionary Mapping” tech that maps the contours of each room while “FullViewSensor 2.0” detects and avoids traps. Their suction power capacity is 10 watts and they have a 290mm-wide brush, which is about 40% larger than conventional automated vacuum brushes to clean larger messes in less time.

As I mentioned earlier, these limited edition Samsung Star Wars POWERbot robot vacuums are available for pre-order, with shipping expected to commence on November 5th.

Now for the part you may not like, although it’s not unreasonable. They cost from $699 to $799 US each. But… Star Wars robot vacuum! How can you not?

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