We were snooping around some of our memory manufacturer websites when we came across a new SATA 6Gbps Force 3 Series SSD from Corsair. We got a good look at some of the Performance 3 series at CES 2011 with Corsair which had impressive scores at the time. If you thought those were fast, check the specs of these new ones out!

Corsair Force 3 Series SSDs sport much faster NAND and controller no doubt in a 120GB and 240GB model. Both models provide 550MB/s sequential read rates. However, the 120GB offers 510MB/s sequential write performance versus the 240GB’s 520MB/s sequential write.

Even with the slight change in write speeds, both models flex 85K IOPs 4K data block sequential write performance. For those not familiar to why that’s important, 4K data makes up a huge deal of the data inside our PC we use every day. It means more desktop performance for a snappier experience.

Pricing is estimated at $220 US for the 120GB model and $499 US for the 240GB. It’s possible the SKU pricing is a little off as some of the current MLC (multi-level cell) SSDs are very similarly priced on the shelves. But, at $220, that 120GB is next on the drooling list!

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