The PC case market is a vast diverse place with a case type for just about anything you could need a case for. Unfortunately, these cases are often just for a PC, HTPC, Small Form Factor build, or big honking server. Well Cooler Master decided to remind people those lines are not always so well defined with the new Cooler Master Elite 361.

Is this an HTPC case? Yes. Is this a standard ATX Mid-tower case? Yes. The CM Elite 361 is designed in a manner where you can either stand it up tower style or sideways desktop style. This means this case can serve many different purposes as needed by its owner.

This may seem like a novelty, but the Elite 361 has some other impressive specs including six 3.5″ internal drive bays, seven expansion slots supporting up to 12.3″ cards (312 mm), two 120 mm fan slots, and two 80 mm fan slots. The case comes with four rubber feet the user can use for either position and one external 5.25″ bay for ODDs. If you are planning to build a secondary system and not sure if it will be an HTPC for the living room or a media server for the whole house, then why not cover all your bases?

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Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today unveils the Elite 361 rotatable chassis. A formidable Mini-Tower contender, Elite 361 focuses on versatility and expandability within a compact enclosure.

Maximizing Space

Touting a modern minimalist design, Elite 361 is engineered to be accommodating in space restricted work zones. Given its unique structure and airflow design, Elite 361 can be placed either horizontally or vertically within a space. A rotatable Cooler Master logo and four user attachable rubber feet assist in making these transitions. Front panel ports are positioned to be easily accessible in either orientation.

Viewing the interior reveals that Elite 361 supports up to a full-sized ATX motherboard, six 3.5” hard drives while being potentially expandable to a multiple graphics card configuration with its seven expansion slots. Benefiting from innovate enthusiast-grade features, Elite 361 incorporates a removable hard drive cage that, when removed, offers a maximum space of 12.3” or 312mm for graphics card length. A large 120 mm top fan and several optional 80 mm to 120 mm fan ports provides superior ventilation potential.

Elite 361 will be available in February, 2012. Click here for more details.


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