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If you wear glasses, you know exactly how hard it is to keep them clean. Every time you get new lenses, you’re told you should never wipe them with the tail of your shirt because it’ll damage them… but you always end up doing it anyway. But then sometimes you get something on your lenses that won’t simply wipe off (I once dropped my glasses into a pot of simmering marinara sauce, don’t ask me how), so you’ve got to wash them. Which is a pain, and it’s pretty much impossible to get into all the nooks and crannies to make sure you’ve removed all the ick.

Cliris SA out of Switzerland has a solution to the problem. Meet Cliris, “?the world’s 1st automatic high-tech eyewear cleaner.” Cliris is an eco-friendly, simple, and hygienic way to clean your glasses in just four minutes. All you have to do is lay your glasses in the tray, close it up, and hit start. Four minutes later your glasses emerge fully cleaned, disinfected, and fully dried. Cliris even coats your glasses with a lightly-scented anti-fog treatment, which you know is an invaluable extra. The solution used, called Cliriense, is 100% biodegradable,

Cliris is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter where a pledge of $269.00 US or more will get you one Cliris device in your choice of black or white, along with two packs of Cliriense cartridges, enough for about two months’ worth of daily usage. The funding period ends July 22, with shipment of product (assuming funding is achieved) slated for April 2015.

Check out Cliris in action, as well as the full press release.

[hide-this-part morelink=”Full Press Release”]Cliris®: The World’s First High-Tech, Top-Design Device for Cleaning Eyewear

Cliris SA, a Swiss based technology company, has announced the launch of its namesake product, the Cliris – the world’s first high-tech, high-design device made exclusively for cleaning, drying and sanitizing eyewear. Developed to bring modern micro-technology to bear on the age-old challenge of smudged and dirty glasses, Cliris is a sleek art object that houses an ultra-modern automatic cleaning system which safely and hygienically removes dirt, dust and even microscopic particles from lenses and frames, all in less than 4 minutes. The device is being launched by means of a Kickstarter campaign.

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland – Anyone who wears glasses knows how annoying it can be when they become smudged or dirty. The merest smear or fingerprint is all it takes to impair the wearer’s vision – with potential consequences ranging from fatigue to accidents.

Most people wipe their lenses on a cloth – or their shirt-tail and rarely properly clean the frame. The results are not often brilliant – and not often hygienic, either. Cliris SA, a Swiss-based technology company, has now launched a groundbreaking new high-tech product, also called Cliris, which makes all this a thing of the past.


Cliris consists of a beautifully designed pod, within which a pair of glasses are set to be cleaned, and a replaceable cartridge containing Cliriense, the company’s specially developed cleaning solution. Within the pod are two hightech cleaning modules that work in parallel. The first takes a carefully dosed amount of Cliriense from the cartridge and sprays it on the glasses in a fine mist. Cliriense is a patented combination of chemicals that gently dissolves the microscopically small bits of dust and make-up, the smears of oil, perspiration or facial cream, sunscreen, and all the other particles of dirt and grime that end up on the lenses and frame. Then Cliris generates focused ultrasound waves which cause the residue to simply fall away – in effect, drying the glasses, but without heat.


The process takes under four minutes, and the results are sparkling clean and clear lenses, as if they had been washed by thousands of tiny micro scrubbing brushes. But not only have the glasses been cleaned and dried. They have also been sanitized and treated with a fragrant anti-fog mist. They emerge from the Cliris pod like new.

Quick, completely automated, and fully antiseptic – Cliris is also safe for the environment, as the Cliriense cleaning solution is 100% biodegradable.

To bring this innovative new product to the market, Cliris SA chose to launch it via Kickstarter in the USA. “We are very excited about the prospects of raising development capital through Kickstarter,” says Didier Lutz, the company’s CEO. “Kickstarter is a widely respected platform for innovations like Cliris. It allows us to present our unique concept to thousands of potential backers. By convincing just a few of them to provide some seed funds, we will be able to go into serial production.”

The strategy for Cliris includes not only online sales directly to individuals who wear glasses, but also sales through opticians’ practices. “In Europe, over half the population wears glasses – and practically everyone owns a pair of sunglasses,” says Martial Mathieu, COO. “The potential market is very big.”

Cliris® and Cliriense® are registered trademarks

cliris duo

About Cliris

Cliris SA, the company behind the products Cliris® and Cliriense®, is a Swiss high-tech start-up established in May 2013 in the Technopole Y-Parc in the city of Yverdon-les-Bains in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Its founder, Didier Lutz, is a technology specialist-entrepreneur and winner of the “Prix d’Excellence Entreprendre Region Lausanne”, an award for entrepreneurial excellence in Switzerland.

Together with a specialist in high-tech development and another in marketing, he has brought Cliris SA to the point where it is ready to move from the concept and design phase to production and market introduction. To accomplish this, the company’s management team decided to benefit from the Kickstarter platform. With feedback received from backers worldwide, and based on pre-orders of Cliris pods and Cliriense cartridges, the company will secure the financing needed to finalize development and go into production.[/hide-this-part]

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