One of the big features that we lost in the Samsung Galaxy S6 was the waterproof protection of the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S7 has returned with IP68 certification and you don’t have to deal with those fiddly flaps anymore… but how good is this waterproofness anyhow? Max Lee decided to toss his Galaxy S7 in the washing machine to see if the premium smartphone could survive the torture test.

This wasn’t just for a quick tumble around in a spin cycle either. He decided to use the full cycle on his LG washing machine with the smartphone “protected” with a bunch of his clothes. Remember that this is a test for the waterproof protection and not really about the phone’s ruggedness, per se. He also kept what appears to be a silicone skin to protect the back and sides too.

Some 45 minutes later (but apparently with no soap; just water), the Samsung Galaxy S7 emerged from the washing machine largely unscathed. The screen lights up, it connects to Wi-Fi and it records video like a champ. The speaker is a little muffled, which should get better as the phone dries, and the fingerprint sensor isn’t as responsive as it normally is, but it otherwise seems peachy-keen.

I think the best part is the lack of fiddly flaps on the S7, unlike the S5. This is because Samsung put in a rubber seal around the charging port and headphone jack that prevents water from seeping in. I wouldn’t recommend tossing your phone in the washing machine, but at least now you have some reassurance that it’ll survive the spin. Maybe it would have made more sense if Max had a Samsung washer too, but I guess this is yet another representation of the rivalry between LG and Sammy.

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