As any comic book fan could tell you, Batman doesn’t have any special powers. He relies on his wits, physical prowess, and an arsenal of cool gadgets to help him fight crime. Among those gadgets is his grappling gun, probably the most well-known next to the batarang. Engineering students at Brigham Young University have created a real-life version of the caped crusader’s rappelling tool, capable of shooting up into the air and pulling a total of 300 pounds 90 feet up a vertical surface, at a rate of 30 feet per minute. It’s part of a project that they plan to present to Air Force Research Lab where they’ll be competing against 17 other universities.

Per the competition rules, the students will have 20 minutes to demonstrate their grappling gun and then train military personnel to use it. Hopefully one of the students will actually dress up as Batman, which should net them an easy win.

via Slash Gear

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