Well, I wouldn't say that the OnePlus USB Type-C cable is bad, per se. It's just that one Google engineer called it misleading and dangerous a couple of weeks ago. If you bought one of these USB Type-C cables to charge something other than a OnePlus phone, the company is now offering refunds.

In an official statement put out by company co-founder Carl Pei, OnePlus acknowledges that their USB Type-C cable (and adapter) might not be compatible with other USB Type-C smartphones like the new Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. This is particularly true when you use third party accessories and power sources, like a USB power bank.

OnePlus has a handy chart on their website to help you determine whether or not the cable will work with your phone and accessories. Basically, if you've got a 2A device, you're in the clear. If you've got a 3A, fast-charge cable device, your mileage may vary and you need to look for a self-regulation mechanism in your power source.

If you did buy the OnePlus USB Type-C cable as a standalone product to charge something else, you'll need to fill out the refund application form to get your money back. In the meantime, OnePlus says it's working on a replacement cable that will have better universal compatibility.

Via MobileSyrup

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