BitFenix seems to feed off doing things very slowly and very methodically. This could be a very good thing for a company that is just starting out. Every project seems to be a group effort from the entire team. This time is no different with the well thoughtout BitFenix Prodigy.

This mini-ITX case, like many of its brethren, is designed to maximize functionality and flexibility through creative use of the space available.  While the Prodigy is a wide body it overall stature is smaller than your average mid-tower. The case is looking to allow DIY enthusiasts to build a HTPC, NAS, or home server with style and standard ATX sized parts.

I am going to save myself a lot of time detailing the case, as BitFenix was happy to do it for me via the video below. While I have personal qualms about certain aspects of BitFenix, their products are top-notch and speak for themselves. If you do not wish to watch the guided tour, skip down to the full press release for all the juicy details of this very lovely addition to the mini-ITX case world.


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BitFenix Unleashes Prodigy

The compact mini-ITX chassis that makes no compromises

May 25, 2012 – Today, BitFenix is proud to launch its latest creation – Prodigy. The first mini-ITX chassis designed with enthusiasts in mind, Prodigy is set to turn the mini-ITX chassis market on its head. With support for long graphics cards, tower coolers, and even water cooling radiators, Prodigy offers unparalleled flexibility in a compact Mini-ITX form factor.

“The wave of enthusiast class mini-ITX motherboards is upon us, and with Prodigy, users finally have a case to match,” says BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt. “No longer will users have to choose between compact size and blazing performance. With Prodigy, mini-ITX users can finally have it all.”

Prodigy – Small Case, Big Ideas

Designed by BitFenix from the ground up, Prodigy embodies everything BitFenix – robust functionality, revolutionary new materials, and timeless design. The subtle curves and clean lines on the outside speak the same BitFenix design language that has catapulted BitFenix into the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere. The chassis is suspended by two handles on the top and bottom that are crafted with BitFenix FyberFlex™ Composite – a revolutionary new material that is very flexible yet offers incredible strength. These handles, coated in our SofTouch™ Surface Treatment, are not only a convenient way to carry Prodigy, but are also an extra level of shock protection during transport. Two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports are provided on the outside for fast file transfers, while the brushed aluminum BitFenix logo on the front ties the entire design together. Available in Midnight Black or Arctic White, Prodigy is not just a PC case, but a work of art.

Sliding off the side panel reveals the Prodigy’s true talents. The modular BitFenix FlexCage™ houses up to five 3.5″ HDDs or 2.5″ SSDs, making Prodigy an ideal candidate for a home server, HTPC or NAS. Remove the middle portion of the FlexCage, and Prodigy can accommodate long graphics cards up to 320 mm in length, making it ideal for a pint-sized gaming powerhouse. Need even more power? Remove FlexCage and the ODD bay all together to make room for a thick 240 mm water cooling radiator. Prodigy accommodates standard ATX power supplies, and a specially designed side SSD mounting bracket that enables users to install up to five SSDs, even with the FlexCage completely removed! Featuring multiple installation options, Prodigy is the most flexible mini-ITX chassis on the market, bar none.

Of course, no one wants to spend time wrestling with their system, which is why Prodigy comes with a bunch of DIY friendly features. The uniquely positioned motherboard tray makes it possible to install tall CPU coolers, and filtered fan intakes keep the insides looking as good as the outside. Tool-free drive locking mechanisms make installation a breeze, while rolled-edge cable pass-throughs help protect your cables from damage.


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