Probably I’m not the only one who needs a flashlight more often than I have anywhere I can carry one in a handy location. Really, most flashlights are far bigger than they have any need to be, especially now that LEDs are so prevalent. Yet the manufacturers keep producing them in the same size, and unless you have a holster on your belt to carry one, you have to figure out where to put it.

This could be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you think about it. A blessing, definitely, as the flashlight itself is far smaller than the 9v battery it attaches to. Which means you can easily carry it on a pocket along with everything else. A curse, because being so small, it’s going to be amazingly easy to lose. But I’m leaning more toward blessing, because I end up having to carry a lot of tools while I’m at work, and having this in my pocket will make one less thing dragging my waistband down.

All you have to do is clip it onto a 9v battery and click the switch, and the three LEDs will brighten even the darkest areas. It even includes a flasher mode in case of emergency. To be fair, the company does warn that if your kids are using this while camping, the bright light will scare unicorns away. But I think it’s worth the tradeoff. Especially considering you can pick these up for just $7.49 US each, and they come with a 9v battery. Who needs unicorns anyhow?

Source: Red Ferret

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