Have you been thinking about upgrading to Ivy Bridge from your currently Sandy Bridge system? Still saving up because you need to be the new processor and a new motherboard? Well for those of you who have a ASRock Z68, P67, or H67 motherboard, there is no need to wait any longer. With an update to the P version of your BIOS, you can get your Ivy Bridge CPU today!

It does not get any easier than this. Whether you already have a ASRock motherboard from these three series or you just wanted to save a few dollars when you buy a new one, this is a great option. You would simply need to update to the latest BIOS for your Ivy Bridge chip prior to its installation. This is the most important step, so you may want to hold off on selling your current CPU to fund the upgrade.

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ASRock Takes Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs to Z68, P67 and H67 Series Motherboards!

May 14, 2012 – World’s top3 motherboard manufacturer ASRock today announced that its entire line of Intel P67, H67 and Z68 series motherboards will support Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs by updating the latest P version BIOS & Drivers! Via an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, ASRock P67, H67 and Z68 series motherboards are resurrected. Users may expect more powerful processing speed yet lower power consumption by the world’s first 22nm 3-D Transistors.

“Besides pursuing extremes with hardcore hardware enthusiasts and die-hard gamers, making high-end technology easy and accessible for everybody is also one of ASRock’s goals.” commented James Lee, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at ASRock. “We have no doubt that users will be thrilled as much as we are with these updates, it will be like experiencing a brand new motherboard all over again.”

ASRock Sandy Bridge Motherboard Series are designed for mainstream enthusiasts who are seeking for stunning performance, solid construction without breaking their piggy bank. P67 brings native OC performance, H67 offers integrated graphics and the hybrid Z68 platform embraces dual personalities, allowing users to take all major advances over the previous platforms. Packed with Intel’s fabulous features, ASRock exclusive XFast 555 Technology and the support for new Ivy Bridge processors, ASRock Sandy Bridge Motherboard Series motherboards will definitely serve pretty much all your needs!

The long and bitter wait has finally come to an end, now you may enjoy the sweet fruits which ASRock has promised. Be prepared for the overwhelming force of Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs. Hurry to download the new versions of P BIOS and drivers from the ASRock website right now! You are merely a click away from the 3rd generation CPUs, so what are you waiting for?

New ASRock P BIOS for Z68/P67/H67 Motherboard Series: http://www.asrock.com/news/events/2012ivy/


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