Yesterday we brought you news of two recent iPhone 6 fumbles: the bending issue (among other, smaller issues) and the iOS update that killed people’s cellular capabilities. Apple responded to the latter in quick fashion, apologizing, yanking the new update, and promising to work around the clock to fix things. Now they’ve responded to the bending issue, and their response is less than helpful.

According to Apple, a total of nine people have reported bending issues with their iPhone 6 Plus phones. Given the frenzy that erupted across the Internet, Apple is either really downplaying the negative feedback or the Internet has been blowing things out of proportion. I’d put my money on a mixture of both. Apple goes on to claim that the phones go through rigorous testing, including one that simulates sitting down with the phone in your back pocket: the specific circumstances that are supposedly bending the phones.

So Apple isn’t apologizing nor are they even really addressing the fact that the phones are bending, simply saying that they went through testing to make sure they wouldn’t bend. Yet, here we are, with a bunch of upset consumers with bent iPhones.

Apple should watch this BGR video to see that, yes, their phones do bend.

via Wall Street Journal

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