There has been far too much “discussion” about how people were disappointed with Bulldozer. As you know I was not one of those people because I maintained realistic expectations for an all new architectural concept’s alpha release. The question on everyone’s mind is will the next generation improve on Bulldozer. Well I don’t know but this is still impressive.


The story is basically AMD hid a thin laptop inside a PC case with two monitors attached to their “demo Trinity rig” with Dirt 3 playing while converting HD video at the same time. During the conversation, they would bring up the demo would be even more impressive if it was being powered by a small laptop. They did not only reveal that is exact what is powering the demo, but the main screen of the laptop is not off, but instead smoothly playing an HD video.

Trinity is due out this year and AMD is taking a much better approach to the release than the hype machine from last year about Bulldozer. While full details and actual performance is still under wraps, we know from last year Trinity is the marriage of the Piledriver CPU core, 7000 series GPU, and even more robust memory controller.

This year we learned Trinity APU is expected to have at least a 50% performance improvement over current Llano APUs. We also know Trinity will be available in three package types to target laptops, super thin devices, and desktops. While I concerned about the rather vague information about the performance improvement, it is still an impressive number. Depending on configuration and how that 50% is divided up we could have anything from a minor update to a major product release. Here is hoping for the latter.

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