Most of us would agree that Amazon has grown to become one of, if not the largest online retailer. The site sells just about everything under the sun and, better still, the prices are usually among the best in the business (though not always). But what if you want to get an even better deal? Amazon has now introduced a new feature it calls “Make An Offer” where you can ask a seller for that better price you desire.

In some ways, you could say this is pretty much the same idea as the “Make An Offer” feature on eBay “Buy It Now” items, except in the Amazon marketplace. Of course, it’s still entirely up to the seller to decide if your offered price is reasonable, but it’s worth a shot. That’s the good news.

Before you decide to negotiate a better price on a new tablet or smartphone, however, you should note that Amazon’s “Make An Offer” option is currently only applicable to the collectibles and fine art section, a section where the pricing for items could be up for a lot more scrutiny than the MSRP of an iPad mini. Of course, Amazon is likely just testing the waters at this point and “Make An Offer” could expand to other sections on the site in the future.

Via Reuters

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