Pico projectors can be pretty rad little products, making it so much more convenient to set up business presentations and share multimedia content with those around you. The challenge has been figuring out how to get higher resolutions in smaller packages with smaller price tags. Working toward that goal is the newly announced AAXA ST200 pocket projector.

While we have been able to enjoy higher resolutions with products like the AAXA LED Android Pico Projector, they have typically been both bigger in size and more expensive. The AAXA ST200, by contrast, is decidedly small and about half the price. Something like the AAXA P3-X is capable of playing 720p video files, but it only has a native resolution of 854×480 pixels. The AAXA ST200, on the other hand, offers a true HD 1270x720p resolution by way of a third-generation LCoS imager (Liquid Crystal on Silicon).

You get 150 lumens of brightness from the 15,000 hour color LEDs, a built-in lithium-ion battery good for 60 minutes of continuous use, an integrated media player, and a basic 1W speaker. If you’re not using the media player, you can use the available HDMI, VGA and composite video inputs. The AAXA ST200 may not reinvent the wheel, since it’s more of an evolution of what AAXA has already been doing since 2008, but it does offer a little more bang for the buck at a retail price of $299.

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