Enabling the Future is an organization dedicated to helping children who are missing one or both hands, either through a birth defect or accident, by 3D-printing the missing appendage. They’ve handed out almost 1,000 3D-printed devices to over 700 children and the latest recipient is Faith, who now sports a super rad, pink and purple 3D-printed arm.

According to the representative in the video below, the arm is “entirely 3D-printed,” though there are a few straps and some screws that clearly aren’t. Faith seems to be missing her left arm right at the elbow, and when the prosthetic is attached and she flexes, the fingers close. In the video she’s able to grasp a Finding Nemo toy and hold onto her bike with both hands.

Enabling the Future is doing terrific work, especially when it comes to children, who are oftentimes a more complicated case than adults. 3D-printing lets them create prosthetics on the cheap, which is important when they need to be tailor-made. The future looks bright!

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