Yes, Android Wear smartwatches are still a thing, even if not too many people are terribly interested in them anymore. Some folks will tell you that tablets don’t matter unless they’re an iPad and smartwatches don’t matter unless they’re an Apple Watch. Fossil is not a part of that crowd, because the company has just announced a new smartwatch called the Fossil Q Control.

As its name very clearly indicates, the Fossil Q Control joins the the growing Fossil Q family of Android Wear smartwatches. To this end, it’ll do everything that you would expect an Android Wear device to do, like notify you of incoming messages and allow you to run certain apps.

Where the Fossil Q Control differs from the rest of its stablemates is with the inclusion of a touch-enabled bezel. Basically, the bezel around the main display is a touchscreen, making it easier for you to quickly scroll through the interface to get to the information you want to see. The design is mostly minimalist and that’s probably on purpose.

You could say that this is being targeted more at active types, given the provided press image. It also conveniently comes with a water resistant circular case and a heart rate sensor. That makes it perfect for jogs in this wonderfully wet fall weather. The included watchband is 20mm, while the circular case is 45mm.

If you’re thinking that this smartwatch looks familiar, it’s because Fossil has effectively rebranded the Misfit Vapor that was originally revealed at CES in January. It only started shipping this month, so having the Fossil branded version makes it feel a little newer again. Sorta.

The Fossil Q Control is available now on their website for $275. It comes in any color you want as long as that color is black.

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