35 Video Games from the 90s That Shaped a Generation

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Street Fighter II

So, I’m clearly a little biased here, as I’m a huge fan of Street Fighter, but the entire fighting game genre likely would not even exist if it were not for Street Fighter II. Discovering “special moves” for the first time, choosing iconic world warriors, and engaging in the mind games of true player vs. player combat was really something else.

It’s positively undeniable that countless titles that came out in the years to follow were heavily inspired by Street Fighter II. If you were lucky enough to experience the culture of placing a quarter on the screen ledge to call next, if you were lucky enough to body the other kids at the laundromat, and if you’ve ever attempted Guile’s handcuff glitch, then you’ll know why Street Fighter II is the first title on this list.

You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.

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