Playboy Sets Up Mansion in Second Life

One fantasy that many men have is to be able to just once in their lives, be invited to (not break into) the Playboy Mansion to hang with Hugh and his many…umm…friends. Well, sad to say, for many men, this will continue to be a fantasy, however, Playboy is set to give you a taste of life in the mansion by setting up shop inside Second Life. Somehow, I just don’t think it’ll be the same…

Details on how exactly Playboy will appear in Second Life are scarce, though one can imagine a virtual Playboy mansion and grotto are in the works. And although most Second Life marketing schemes haven’t met with much success, there’s little doubt that teleporting (as avatars are wont to travel) into a pool full of nubile young women will have some appeal

Source: eWeek

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