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Rosewill has a rocky history with quality, but has made strides recently to present the best products they can to represent their brand. One of the first companies to release an 80+ Platinum power supply, Rosewill now expands their products with the semi-modular SilentNight and Tachyon PSUs.

The SilentNight (shown above) is an 80+ Platinum 500W unit with 100% passive cooling. This means the SilentNight is 100% silent as there are no moving parts to make noise. The unit itself is vented on all four side walls and features a massive heatsink where the fan would normally be for cooling.

The SilentNight PSU includes 6+2 pin PCIe, 8-pin EPS, 24-pin ATX power, and six SATA which is great for mid-range PC builds. If you are looking to build a 100% silent PC, the a quality-built Rosewill SilentNight is a great place to start.

The second entry to the Rosewill 80+ Platinum PSU family is the entire Tachyon Series of 550W, 650W, 750W, and 1000W units. While not 100% silent, the 140 mm fan makes very little noise during operation. This is also aided by the 94% efficiency as the power supply does not produce a lot of excess heat. The Tachyon Series comes with up to four 6+2 pin PCIe connects and is geared more toward higher end PC builds and gamers.

Rosewill now has everyone covered for their 80+ Platinum rated power supplies. The Tachyon series is the standard unit focused on quality at a decent price, while the SilentNight is for specialized silent builds. And let's not forget about the previously released FORTRESS series with a 7 year warranty. If you need a new power supply, Rosewill is a strong contender for your dollar.

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Rosewill® Releases 2 New Members of their Award Winning

80 Plus Platinum Power Supply Family – the SilentNight and Tachyon Series

Rosewill, the recipient of multiple awards for their innovative power supplies, has just released 2 new members of their 80 Plus Platinum certified power supplies, SilentNight and the Tachyon Series. Joined with their FORTRESS Series, the current media award winner, Rosewill® is proud to present a complete product line of 80 Plus Platinum power supplies.

The first member of the SilentNight series is an 80 Plus Platinum 500W power supply and it adopts a 0 dB fanless design, letting you operate your PC in a complete noise-free environment. The passive cooling utilizes a great number of ventilation on its 4 side walls and large heatsink on the top cover that ensure effective and efficient heat dissipation. It also features sufficient cabling, utilizing a partially modular cabling layout, for a mid-range dual-GPU gaming PC including a pair of 6+2 pin PCIe connectors, 8-pin EPS, 24-pin ATX, and up to six SATA power connectors. SilentNight is the perfect solution for the PC lovers who are looking for a completely silent operation.

With an efficiency rating up to 94%, you'll get the maximum performance from every Tachyon power supply which will be available in 550W, 650W, 750W, and 1000W ratings. The 80 Plus Platinum rating translates into cooler temperatures across the board which provides the opportunity to use a silent 140 mm fan. Equipped with a single 12V rail and bundled with fixed a pair of 6+2 PCI-e connectors and four 6+2 PCI-e connectors on the 1000W model; the modular design allows for the use of only the cables you need. Coupled with the 80 Plus Platinum Certification, your components will be getting clean and efficient power at all times.