More likely than not, you’re holding the iPad 2 in one hand as you fling an Angry Bird with the other hand. In much the same way, you’re probably holding your Samsung Galaxy S with one hand as you tap and swipe through your e-mails with the other hand. Even so, there are more than a few instances where you want something to hold your device for you.

The Spiderpodium and Spiderpodium Tablet from Breffo isn’t exactly completely novel in this regard: it holds your gadgets so you don’t have to. That said, the bendy legs make it a heck of a lot more versatile than other products that are designed for only one device and only one purpose.

Features at a Glance

The concept of flexible legs isn’t exactly new either. We’ve seen more than a few Joby Gorillapod products with that kind of idea, but the bendable legs on the Spiderpodium aren’t nearly as bulbous. They really are more like spider legs, except with many more joints.

The Breffo Spiderpodium and Spiderpodium Tablet are effectively the same thing, except one is a fair bit bigger than the other. Each product has eight legs and each of these legs is composed of four segments. You can bend at the “joint” sections, but every segment save for the last one on each leg can also be bent.

The surface is completely rubberized, adding an extra layer of grip to hold your Droid Tablet or any number of other devices. Remember that the Breffo Spiderpodium (in your choice of black or white) and Spiderpodium Tablet (in your choice of black or graphite) are device agnostic. If it fits, it’ll take it.

Bending the Legs to Suit Your Needs

The greatest strength of these products also happens to be their greatest weakness. It is precisely because they are device agnostic that it can be a little troublesome getting the legs bent in just the right way.

Sometimes, they get in the way of a swiping finger. Sometimes the feet don’t quite reach the table, so you’re left with a rocky foundation. You can fix this, of course, but it is finicky to get it just the way you want. And then, when you adjust it for another purpose, you’ve lost that “perfect” configuration all over again.

Good and bad, I suppose, but the universality can lend itself to a few frustrations in this manner. Typing on a touchscreen device while it is being held by the SpiderpodiumTablet can prove interesting too, since there is an inherent “wobble” to the design.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The look and feel of the Breffo products will largely be a matter of personal preference. Some people will think it’s ugly. Others might like the Aliens symbiote-like appearance.

Watch the video above for a sense of what you can expect. Build quality is pretty good (they’re made in the UK), but I imagine the flexible metal legs behind the rubberized cover might lose their stiffness over time.

MegaTechie Podium Finish or MegaTechie Pest Control?

I have to hand it to Breffo for being creative. I also appreciate how the Spiderpodium ($19.99) and Spiderpodium Tablet ($34.99) can be used with just about anything. Beyond using these at your desk, the flexible legs also allow you to attach them to your car’s dashboard, speaker poles, or just about anything. That’s good.

On the flip side, I’m not personally a fan of the aesthetic and the universality of the products means that getting just the right fit takes a little more effort than it might be worth. Considering what you get, the two Spiderpodium products aren’t overly expensive, but I would personally prefer something that has a base that’s more solid and less prone to wobble.

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