In a world where most kids communicate through memes, reading is almost a lost art, but Amazon is still plugging away at their Kindle line of e-readers. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted out that the 8th generation of the device is almost ready and that details will be coming next week.

An April announcement is new. Kindles are generally announced in September, with the Paperwhite being the exception as it was updated in June. The big question, however, is what are they going to improve? Reading is a pretty simple affair, and something Amazon does quite well already. I can’t imagine there will be a lot of new features, as the traditional Kindle has always had a pretty unwavering focus to the written word, and consumers who want more are urged to pick up a Kindle Fire.

Chances are the improvements are things most people won’t care about; stuff tweaked under the hood that won’t have any noticeable effect on normal usage. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a solid device, though. There’s a reason Kindle has stood the test of time while others – looking at you, Nook – seem to be constantly struggling. If you’re the market for an e-reader, but you don’t want to drop a lot of money on the latest thing, you should know that Amazon’s previous generation Kindles are all on sale for Prime members. You can get $50 off the Kindle Voyage, which is perfect, considering our own Michael Kwan called it an “excellent Kindle experience” but “not worth the extra money.” I’m sure he’d approve of the discount.

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