First, let me say that this will probably not be practical for just about anyone’s life, most particularly mine. But it caught my eye and I kept coming back to it, so I decided it deserved a post. Besides, who doesn’t love novelty ice in their drinks at a party?

The mold is made of aluminum and stainless steel rather than the standard plastic ice molds. To make an 80mm sphere (other sizes are available as well), you heat the mold in hot water, then place a block of ice on top of the lower mold. Then place the upper mold on top of the ice; the combination of hot metal and the fact that steel melts ice naturally means in just a few seconds you are left with no ice other than the sphere inside the mold. Then simply pop the mold open again, and place the sphere of ice in whatever drink you’d like. You should also be aware that since this does involve melting away the ice not needed for the mold, you will have quite the wet mess to clean up afterward. There are other shapes available as well: diamond (jewelry-style rather than playing card-style), soccer ball and baseball.

As I mentioned, these are not going to be practical for home use. Cost is $1,671.00 US for the simple sphere to $2,949.00 for the baseball. But they’re really, really neat, and if you run a bar or restaurant it might be something you can use.

Source: Walyou

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