MEGATech Showcase - In the Kitchen with Rosewill Appliances? (Video)

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There's a good chance that you've already heard the Rosewill name before. It's a company that makes all sorts of computer cases, computer mice, computer power supplies, and other things for your computer, but they're expanding their product line considerably.

Moving out of the office, Rosewill also offers a series of kitchen appliances. In the video that we've embedded above (or watch directly on YouTube), we take a look at two such products. There is a handy hot water boiler and dispenser, which is able to keep your hot water on tap for that bowl of instant noodles (and more!), as well as an induction cooktop (MSRP $99.99, including stainless steel pot, currently on sale for $54.99) that's even easier to use than a regular stove.

These are great kitchen gadgets for dorm-living students and office-dwelling computer geeks alike. You can find both of these items, as well as all other Rosewill products, available at Newegg, Amazon, and


Michael Kwan is a freelance writer, button masher, published author, and professional gadget geek. Fueled by caffeine and Wi-Fi, he personifies the digital lifestyle. Follow Michael on Twitter (@michaelkwan) and Instagram (@beyondtherhetoric).

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