I’m finally getting the hang of Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, I know, that is not the newest Android OS, but it’s new to me because I have an HTC Thunderbolt and they just got around to actually updating software about three weeks ago. The one thing that still screws me up, though, is the radical changes to the interface. Where before I would drag a bar down to answer a call or drag that same bar up to ignore it, now I have to drag icons into a ring. But if you drag the ring up, you answer the call. I bought this phone in May of 2011…I am trained to drag up to ignore. I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally answered when I wanted it to go to voicemail. The other thing is that they swapped where the phone and apps buttons are on the screen. Apps have always been on the left, phone has always been in the middle. Not any more. I accidentally open my phone probably six times out of every 10 I really wanted to open my apps. But I’m getting there. I do like a number of things about it better, but those few fundamental changes are probably going to screw with me until the phone dies.

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