Getting up on time is not my strong suit, which means I’ve tried out 847 different alarm clocks and still sometimes oversleep. Not that I’m convinced this would help me (it seems a little beyond my abilities upon waking up), but it is kinda neat.

This one is still a concept, so there are a number of unanswered questions (like, does it come with the faux explosives, or do you have to provide your own?). But as you can see, the two examples are what appears to be faux C4 and dynamite. The alarm itself looks like a circuit board (which probably came out of that inevitable box of computer parts in the closet) and some wire with a clock attached. Or maybe not a real clock…it could just be a timer, based on the big red button that starts the countdown. Once the countdown starts, you have ten seconds to clip the correct wire to “disarm” it, which changes randomly with each use.

Not to worry…if you fail to clip the correct wire in time it won’t actually blow up. But it will produce a series of incredibly annoying beeps and flash some lights at you. Of course, you’ll have to replace the wires with each use. On further thought, maybe this isn’t such a great idea in practicality, but it certainly could be a fun thing to have. It would be worth it to see the look on people’s faces when they first see it.

Source: Walyou

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