It’s Friday already?!? What the heck?? But my computer says it is, so it must be true. Computers never lie. Anyway, I had a small (yet huge) victory last night. My sister and I typically go out for “date night” on Thursdays, but I’ve been booked for what seems like the last several months. Last night we finally got to go, but instead of going out we hung out in her outdoor living room with some beer, listening to the rain fall and watching the flames in her outdoor fireplace. Here’s where the victory comes in. I did not smoke. Not even one puff. I think I’m going to win, at least as long as it takes to get this surgery done!

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I’ll close this one out with something I don’t normally post, but the trip down memory lane was well worth it for me. I got my start a hundred years ago at The TechZone, and most of the other names here are familiar as well…
OCModShop takes a look at the Top 12 Fallen Tech Sites

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