What happens when you get literally thousands of people together in the same place, all of whom are crazily enthusiastic about gaming and want to revel in each other’s company? That’s exactly what went down in Victoria, British Columbia from February 27 through to March 1 with GottaCon 2015. MEGATechNews was in attendance, along with our compadres from Futurelooks, and now we’ve got some great videos to share with you from the event.

As you may already know, GottaCon 2015 was meant to celebrate full spectrum gaming. We were mostly interested in the LAN and the PC gaming side of things, thanks partly to presenting sponsors ZOTAC and NVIDIA, but there was also a section where there were fighting games, another section for board games, yet another for tabletops and RPGs, and a giant marketplace with plenty of cosplay and geeky-inspired goodness.

The first video here is a quick booth tour of the Futurelooks and MEGATechNews gaming lounge at GottaCon 2015, featuring some key products from Creative Labs (Sound Blaster), In Win Technology and be quiet! All of these videos were originally featured as part of the live stream from the event and have now been re-published onto YouTube for anyone who missed them.

Stephen from Futurelooks also took the opportunity to chat with several of the sponsors at the event, including NVIDIA and ZOTAC, as well as be quiet!, Kingston (HyperX) and Thermaltake (Tt eSports), about gaming culture and the products they were showcasing at GottaCon 2015.

Continuing the tradition from GottaCon 2014, Futurelooks expanded its PC DIY expert panel into two separate sessions. The first panel covered many of the basics involved with building your own PC, while the second panel got more in depth with advanced modding.

GottaCon 2015 was a tremendous success, attracting thousands of gamers across a broad range of interests, genres and skill levels. Be sure to check out our Facebook photo gallery for more shots from the event and we’ll see you in Victoria next year for GottaCon 2016!

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