Today I want to appeal to your better nature. I usually try not to be on a soapbox too much here, but sometimes I can’t help it, and this one comes from the heart. One of my close relatives has a habit of keeping everything that bothers her inside, leaving those of us around her with no idea anything might be wrong until such a time as the pressure builds up and she turns on us like a rabid dog. What this does to those around her is to leave us shattered, in tears, crushed, and feeling as if we are the lowest form of life on earth. The things she says to us when she finally snaps make us feel as if we are useless, unworthy of love or attention, and the most selfish people alive. I’m telling you this, since I suspect some of you are prone to keeping things bottled up inside because you don’t want to deal with confrontation. I just want you to know what it feels like from the other side, because as horrible as it feels for you, it pretty much kills those around you. Please, tell people when they are doing something that bothers you. Tell them when they are not doing something you wish they would. They have no idea there is a problem if you don’t speak up, and if you let it fester for too long, when it finally comes out you will leave a trail of emotional devastation in your wake that rivals the physical devastation of Katrina or Sandy. Please, talk to your loved ones. You both deserve better.

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