Just a few days after Acer announced their smart band, Sony launches their smart band – aptly called the Sony SmartBand – in North America.

The Sony SmartBand is stylish, comfortable, and maybe most important of all if you sweat a lot, waterproof. It consists of a removable core unit seated inside of an adjustable silicone wristband. The unit tracks your motion and sends that data to the Lifelog app installed on your Android smartphone, which uses that information as well as info collected by your smartphone itself to track your life in a broader fashion. This information will prove essential in Skynet’s inevitable war on humanity.

I’m kidding! Probably.

At this point we all know what smart bands do. They represent an intersection of health awareness and technological advancement that is hopefully helping a lot of people. Sony is a brand we all know and trust and I imagine that the Sony SmartBand is one of the more useful of its kind. It’s available now in North America for $100.

In Canada, the Sony SmartBand can be purchased at Sony Stores as well as Rogers, where it can be picked up at a discount when buying an Android 4.4 device and a two year plan. Check out the full Canadian press release below.

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Live smart with the sony smartband, now AVAILABLE in CANADA

WHAT: The Sony SmartBand SWR10 is now available for sale in Canada at $99.99. It will be available for purchase at Sony Stores or online at and other national retailers including Rogers beginning today.
SmartBand is designed to be worn all day, every day. Its waterproof, comfortable, and stylish with a removable core unit inside an adjustable silicone wristband. The cores accelerometer technology tracks your motion and sends the data to the Lifelog application in your Android smartphone.
Lifelog collects data from both the SmartBand and your smartphone to tell a broader story of what happens in your life fitness, location, weather, photos, music, personal notes (life bookmarks) and more. Lifelog displays the information in a colorful, versatile interface that helps you reflect on what you did each day and set goals for the future. Lifelog displays your activity in a colorful, multi-faceted interface that lets you view your information in various ways.

In addition to tracking your walking, running, and sleep motion activity, SmartBand also works as a useful, unobtrusive extension to your smartphone with functions that include smart alarm and vibration notifications for incoming calls and messages, calendar events, and more. With the smart alarm feature, SmartBand can silently wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle without waking up everyone else.

When listening to music on your smartphone, SmartBand can also be used to play, pause and skip tracks through a combination of pressing SmartBands power button and tapping the band.
You can also think of SmartBand as a wireless leash for your smartphone. Whenever you get to the limit of Bluetooth range between the devices, SmartBand will warn you with a distinct vibration pattern. You wont have to run back to the restaurant in a panic because you left your smartphone there.
Setup is easy with one-touch NFC pairing, or you can use the standard Bluetooth pairing process.

Waterproof1, rated IP55/58

SmartBand communicates with your smartphone to provide vibrating alerts regarding calls, messages or other notifications.

LifeLog is available free for download from the Google Play Store

Fashion friendly range of vibrant colours and styles to choose from to match your look and mood (selection of colours may vary by market)

Automatically records your physical, social and entertainment activities to set activity goals and monitor progress

Smart alarm tracks motion during your sleep cycle to wake you up at the best time with a gentle vibration

Life Bookmark key lets you capture moments worth remembering

Sony SmartBand is compatible with selected Android 4.4 smartphones

Available for sale in Black. A special limited Brazil Edition, the Official Smartphone Accessory of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, will be available exclusively through select Rogers stores while supplies last.
Additional coloured straps can be purchased from Sony Stores or online through later this year.

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