It seems like I spend the majority of my time reading or writing about charging options for smartphones. Primarily because they eat batteries faster than Takeru Kobayashi can go through a plate full of hot dogs. The trouble is, most of us find ourselves nowhere near a power outlet when our phones are on the verge of death, which means we cannot charge our phones for love or money. One solution would be to buy several extra batteries, but that gets expensive and cumbersome to carry around.

Me, I like the idea of solar charging. As long as there is sunlight (and since it’s summer here, we’re seeing plenty of that), you can charge your phone. No, it’s not as quick as plugging into a wall or computer, but at least your battery won’t be dead. The Solar ReStore XL 4000mAh External Battery Pack by ReVIVE looks like a pretty darn fine option. It charges up to a thousand times using the power of the sun (or from USB power, if you’d rather). Best part is it’s compatible with pretty much everything, from Android phones to iPhones to tablets to MP3 players to e-readers. It features a universal USB charging port (just use your device’s own cord), window suction mounts, a metal carabiner, and a solar panel extender for future upgrades. It also has a 36-hour on-board LED light with flashlight and emergency settings and an LED capacity indicator.

On your first use, you should charge it via USB to a full charge, then drain it fully in order to break in the chemicals in its battery. From there on, though, you can charge it using only the naturally occurring sunlight. A small way to reduce the draw on the power grid, which is nicer for the environment as well as saving you money. The unit measure 6.7″(L) x 3.6″(W) x 0.8″(H) and weighs just 8 ounces. Charging time in direct sunlight is about 13 hours, while charging via USB is about 4 hours. There are additional solar panels available if you’d like to cut your charging time in half.

I lied a minute ago…it being compatible with the majority of devices out there is not actually the best part. The real best part is that it’s on sale right now for 50% off. This handy little gadget will only cost you $54.99 US. And if you want to purchase an additional solar panel, you can get one for 25% off.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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